Frequently Asked Questions




My child is new to the sport of lacrosse. What should I expect?

Lacrosse is called “the fastest game on two feet” so playing lacrosse will provide your child with great cardiovascular exercise. Given that lacrosse is a team sport, your child will learn the values of working together to achieve success. Lifelong friendships are part of the game, as Bellies lacrosse is a passionate and close knit community in New Westminster where the game has a long standing history of 130 years. The season begins in early April and runs until the end of June for novice and younger players, but extends into July for teams qualifying for Provincial championships that are held throughout the province. 

Join the “Pride & Tradition” in New West, and take part in Canada’s National Summer Sport by registering today!


When are games and practices held?

Games are usually played once or sometimes twice in a week with a given home time at one of the two arenas in New Westminster for teams U9 and above, and at one of the two outdoor lacrosse boxes (Hume or Moody) for U7 teams.  

U7 games are generally played on Saturday at 10 am and/or Wednesday nights at 6 pm at Moody Outdoor Box, while U9 games are generally played on Saturday or Sunday morning at Moody Park Arena or on Tuesday 6pm at one of the outdoor lacrosse boxes.  U7 and U9 teams play “in house” so no travel outside of New Westminster is required for games.  Home games are the same day and time each week unless there is a conflict with the opponent and away games (U11 and up) could be scheduled any day of the week. There are times when U9 games are moved to outdoor boxes due to tournaments and scheduling conflicts and games may not fall on the regular day and time.

Practices are held at various days during the week, depending on the Coaches’ availability and arena/box schedules.


My child is born in 2019.  Can he play lacrosse this year if I think he is ready for the challenge?

No.  Children must be turning 5 in 2023; or born in 2018 or earlier; to play box lacrosse in the 2023 season. 

Who is my Coach?

Coaches will be assigned to teams either just before or just after evaluations.  If you are interested in coaching please complete this application and submit to our head coach.

Can I request my child play with a friend or for a certain coach? Or ask not to practice on a certain day?

For U7 and U9 we will try to accommodate 1 convenience request per child, excluding coach requests. We will ask that parents request the 1 most important thing. If it’s a friend, carpool, a night or time not to practice, or location...we will try to accommodate 1 request per child. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate every request, but we will try. U7 and U9 teams are required to be balanced in ability at the beginning of the season.

What equipment is required? 

Helmet with cage, Mouth guard, Shoulder pads, Kidney pads, Jock/Jill, Slash guards and Gloves, and Stick. See website for further details on these items and approved stick sizes:


Helmet with Cage - both CSA approved.
Shoulder/Chest Pads.
Gloves - Hockey gloves are okay.
Athletic Support - Boys must wear a "Jock" with plastic cup. Girls must wear a "Jill".
Mouth guard ("Boil & Byte" are acceptable).
Elbow Pads
Knee Pads (recommended).
Junior Canadian Lacrosse Stick (Can be purchased from our equipment manager for $40) 


Helmet with Face Cage - both CSA approved.
Shoulder/Chest Pads.
Gloves - Hockey gloves are okay.
Athletic Support - Boys must wear a "Jock" with plastic cup. Girls must wear a "Jill".
Mouth guard ("Boil & Byte" are acceptable).
Elbow Pads.
Knee Pads (recommended, not mandatory).
Arm slash guards (recommended, not mandatory).
Kidney/rib/back guards (recommended, not mandatory).
Lacrosse Stick with a minimum length of 36 inches. (Can be purchased from our equipment manager for $40) 


Same as U9, except...
Arm slash guards (mandatory).Bicep Pads – strongly recommended
Kidney/rib/back slash guards (mandatory).


Same as U11.


Same as U13 except minimum stick length is 40 inches.


Same as U15.


Your coach will be able to assist you in identifying equipment needs.

Where should I get my equipment?

NWMLA offers an equipment rental program for U7 and U9 players so that they can try out the game without the financial burden of purchasing all the equipment.  We also offer a very reasonable rate for the purchase of the pads required for U7 and U9.   Beginner sticks for players can also be purchased from our equipment manager for $40.  See for more information. 

For older players, equipment can be purchased at many sport outlets in the surrounding cities. Contact if you need help.

When do games start?

Games for the 2023 Box Lacrosse season begin the week of April 10th

How do I get my game shorts?

Shorts purchased online during the registration process will be distributed by the division manager or  team manager at the beginning of the lacrosse season. Please contact if you did not order shorts but now would like to purchase them. 

How long is the season?

Regular box lacrosse season is April to the end of June.

NOTE: Play downs for Provincials start in mid to late June and go into July. A subset of teams at the U13 and above will have this opportunity. A subset of U11 players will play into the first two weeks of July for a tournament in Burnaby or an away tournament.

When will I know what team my child is on?

Your division manager will be working with the coaches to get the teams assigned. Most levels will not know until early April, as evaluations will begin in February (U11 and above) and continue through the first week of April. Multiple teams in a division (U7 and U9) will be balanced, so further movements may happen as the season starts.

The division managers assigned for this season can be found on our website at

My child is in other sports, if it turns out that he/she can’t make many games/practices, can I get a refund?

If you determine that lacrosse does not fit into your family’s schedule or your child does not like it, please refer to our refund policy on our website at:

Are tax receipts issued?

We will no longer be issuing manual receipts, please refer to the confirmation email you receive after online registration

How can I help?

NWMLA is a volunteer based organization made up of parents just like you, so help is always needed and appreciated! Once your team is set, managers, bench helpers, coaches, assistant coaches, scorekeeping, timekeeping, helping with tournaments, freezies – all very necessary positions! Please proactively reach out to your coordinator, coach or manager if you can volunteer! It makes us a stronger community and you get to broaden your circle of friends!  NWMLA holds three tournaments during the box lacrosse season so volunteers are always needed to make these tournaments a success.

Do you offer a program for beginners to try out the game?

This year we offered the "Bring A Buddy" lacrosse program for new players to try out the game of lacrosse.  This was held Jan. 9, 16, 23 and 30th in Glenbrook Middle School gym at 6- 7 pm for 5 and 6 year olds and from 7 - 8pm for 7 and 8 year olds.   In February each year, the association offers the Doug Hazelwood Clinic to players under 8 years of age or new players under 10 years of age.  This is a free clinic which teaches the lacrosse basics in a fun atmosphere to our young players. Information can be found on our website at the following link:

Is there financial assistance if I can’t afford the registration fees or equipment?

For parents needing financial assistance for registration fees please see or  for information.

Players who qualify for financial assistance may contact to learn about our funding assistance program for lacrosse equipment.

See for more information on financial assistance.

All kids get to play!

When is it too late to register?

Teams are established by early April but players can still register until early May once the season is well underway.  There may be teams that are declared full, so those who register late may be put on a waiting list and can be “released” to other clubs looking for players.  Players at the U7 and U9 levels can register to play with NWMLA into early May without being placed on a waiting list, but they may not be able to request to play on a specific team. 

Do kids wanting to play for New Westminster Minor Lacrosse Association have to live in the community?

Yes, you are required to play in the community in which you reside.  Players in their first year must provide 2 pieces showing proof of residency.