Referee Info

Players wishing to officiate box lacrosse should contact the NWMLA Referee Coordinator at during the month of January to obtain an application to officiate with NWMLA. 

All officials with NWMLA must be at least 13 years of age (First year Bantam age) by Dec. 31st of the year of that playing season and must be registered to play lacrosse with NWMLA to be considered for one of the positions with our association. However, it may be necessary to limit the number of brand-new referees in each season, if there are too many new referees starting at one time there may not be enough game time to keep them interested and or to improve their skills. 

No prior officiating experience is required. 

All officials must be willing and able to referee, as well as run the 30 second clock at NWMLA games. 

All officials must attend a BCLA  officials clinic annually to referee lacrosse games.  Clinic fees are paid by NWMLA for those selected to officiate for NWMLA. 

All officials must reimburse NWMLA $25 for the cost of the officials jersey which is supplied at the Entry Level Clinic. 

NWMLA welcomes both males and females as officials, and players from teams of all tiers including A1, A2, B or C calibre.